The apex?

The apex


Apex is Latin for summit, peak, tip, top, extreme end, point

The apex of a monument is its  highest point
The apex of civilization, its  expansion, and success
The apex of a pyramid is the topmost vortex


The lowest part of the human heart.
The deepest part of a tooth’s root.
The tip of a leaf

Egypt, the mafnificent pyramid of Chepas

In Astronomy

THE point on the celestial sphere
toward which the sun appears to move
relative to nearby stars.

* The Solstice Lines *

In Physics

The lowest point on a pendant drop of a liquid.

Vedic Jewelry with blue sapphire

In Mining

The end or edge of a mineral vein nearest the surface.

The vein in the Great Pyramid

The apex of civilisation…

The apex of Egypt
The apex of Egypt




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