Old Indian relics

Farmers occasionally
plough up
old Indian relics.

What is the point?

History has its own turns.

And sooner or later new evidence is found of old civilisations and ancient tribes. In this case the relics of the native people of America who have been slaughtered, killed and exterminated without any respect of their land, language and culture. Horses of warfare!

Their tribal wars also!

Not something to be proud of. … not at all.
Not something to forget.
And certainly not something to be repeated.

They were proud riders and outstanding warriors.
This is a tribute to all of them.
Not just on American soil, but all over the world.

Old Indian relics
Proud riders and outstanding warriors

A cry out to the nations

O Wioheumpata!
The YELLOW east…

From thou comest the Sun.
Comes the Light.
From Sunset to dawn.

A new begin.
A new day.

We Ask the great Spirit,
for wisdom and understanding!

O Itokaga!
WHITE South…

The sun at its highest,
Brings warmth and growing.
Drawing life on earth.

We ask the great Spirit,
To preserve our lives,
For a safe return in the skies

O Wiyokpiyata.
The BLACK west..l

Here sets the sun.
Here ends the day.

The great Thunderbird lives there.
Sending thunder and rains
Over our lands.

We ask the great Spirit,
To bless and preserve the waters on earth

O Waziyata!
The RED North…

From thou comes the cold.
The freezing weathers.
Your winds are cleansing.

Leaves do fall,
And rest under snow.
We need patience and endurance!

We ask the great Spirit,
To help us in tribulation.

And now!

Let us turn our pipe of peace to the earth.
Invoke a blessing from heavens.
And turn within, to the most sacred place.

O Wakan Tanka!

Great spirit and BLUE bird in the sky
Preserve our GREEN mother earth
And make my soul realize
Its place and destiny in the Universe

– inspired by Lakota tribes –

Old Indian relics
Hand drawn tribal set with bows, axes, arrows, feathers, dreamcatchers, bull skulls, war headdress elements.

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American Indians

Old Indian relics
To the great spirit!
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8 Replies to “Old Indian relics”

  1. My father has property in Northern Indiana that he leases out to a farmer every year.  He finds a ton of arrowheads, axes, and that type of very cool Indian relics.  I’ve been out a couple times looking with my dad and he found a really cool arrowhead.  It might have been a spearhead because it was pretty big.  I really don’t know.  Indian history definitely needs to be studied by all and preserved.  Thanks for sharing your info!

    1. Welcome Tomas, thank you for sharing your findings…

      Indian history needs indeed to be restored and preserved. And also honored. Too often barbarians chases a highly developped culture, with the chaos that is left. 

      Could it be that the place is a former battlefield? Strange to find so much artefacts in one place. Are there historic documents left?

      Very intriguing indeed

      Have a wonderful day


  2. I saw the Pin discovered by Tammie crow campbell on pintrest some time ago. Is it legal to sell some of these relics here online? What is the Relics all about. Are there any documentaries on some of the relics by any of the archaeologist? I love your idea, I encourage you to move on, your doing a great job.

    1. Hi,

      Every country has its own laws and procedures when it comes to archeologic findings. They need indeed to be reported and documented. So, you better refer to your local authorities. 

      As for the relics, they are manyfold: amulets, totems… sacred sculls…

      Some findings are so unique, and beyond pricing. And be aware of fraude also.

      I would never buy on the internet. Sounds scammy to me.

      Take care. Enjoy your quest!


  3. Heart felt write up. I’m so pleased with the Words and organization of every single line, you’re indeed a good writer.

    Many, not just in America but all over the world have died in war front to defend their mother land, they deserve to be honored. I do joined you to pray to the heavenly spirit and creator to keep us alive and never allow such war befall us again. We need peace and unity to reign in our land and the world at large.

    thanks so much for sharing such heart felt article.

  4. I agree that learning about this past is important, simply because we don’t want to make the same mistakes our ancestors did.

    And finding fossils and relics is a great way to go about doing that.

    Hopefully all these Indian relics people keep finding, will remind them of what happend so we can keep pacing a brighter and better future for us all.

    By the way, have you ever found any arrow heads in the wild before?  I think those are real neat. 🙂

    1. Hi Michael,

      The rocks will speak indeed!

      Yes, I found many artefacts in our garden too. Our place has been a battlefield over the ages… we even found roman artefacts. 

      It is important indeed to keep track of our history and to create awareness of what really happened. 

      Every coin has two sides , and so has every story

      Thank you for sharing


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