Horses in warfare

Horses were used in warfare over 5000 years ago.

The earliest evidence of horses ridden in warfare
goes back to 4000 BC in Eurasia.

Old Sumerian illustrations from 2500 BC
Show horses pulling weapons.

Horses and chariots became famous
All over the World.

The chariots of Egypt.
The chariot of Krishna.

And by 1600BC
Horses and chariots
Were common warfare
in the Near East.

Xenophon, a greek cavalry officer
Wrote his treatise on horsemanship
By 360 BC.

Saddles, bits, and collars
Improved the riding over the centuries.

The last big battles with horses
Were the Napolean wars.

Where horses and men
Fought as one.

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Horses in warfare
the chariot in ancient times
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4 Replies to “Horses in warfare”

  1. Hi this is very interesting, I really like the layout of your website and the colours go well together.
    It will be very interesting to have a few reviews on the books you have recommended as I would love to hear your opinion on them. What is your perspective on horses in warfare ?

    1. Hi!

      Thank you for the compliment! 😊

      A horse used to be a man’s best friend. Now they are eaten… And horsepower in racing cars has replaced the charriots of old. For those who love horses, the perfect team of horse and man was often a matter of dead and life. And history has left us many examples of that.

      As for the reviews, kindly click the link. Each book has its own reviews and ratings that should guide you throught, leaving you wIth even more suggestions and the choice between a kindle version or paper version.

      Horses were the cars and powermachines used for ploughing, transport and yes, fighting. Nowadays only for riding. And sadly, many horses left in paddocks too.

      Have a great day

  2. Great tribute to one of the most loyal friends of mankind – the horse! It is actually sad to know that so many horses have been killed by humans just for warfare As an animal lover this goes deep.

    1. Hi Simon,
      Too many humans too.

      We celebrate the end of WWI on many fronts in our countries. And the slaughter of both men and horses was horrible. Pablo Picasso made his guernica in their memory…

      A painting that says it all. In old time there was chivalry. The slaughter by canons and bullits is nothing but a cruel butchery

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