The belt of Egypt

Shroud of Turin
Secondo Pia‘s 1898 negative of the image on the Shroud of Turin has an appearance suggesting a positive image. It is used as part of the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.

The belt of Egypt

A mysterious linen
Known as the shroud
With a 3D image of a man

A photograph taken in 1898
Revealed the image
Of that man

Since then studies
Have piled up
And also the evidence

The image is not a fake

and there is more to it
than the eye can see

The man within
Wore an Egyptian drawer
And belt

With the patterns
Of the African python


A resume of scientific conclusions

Rice, Anne / Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt / Signed First Edition Book

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A scientific projection of the images

Watch a recent presentation of the shroud

A cartouche and a title: Behold, the lamb

The Egyptian belt
The Egyptian belt
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  1. I found your main page and site easy to navigate but i think it would have held my interest more if there were some links to flesh out you point based presentation.
    I found the videos relevant to your other posts content but again I would have like to have seen some external links to help flesh out your content, but overall i think your site is informative and tasks any interested reader to search out additional information .

    1. hi Douglas…

      Yes… your own quest matters… just providing some keys as you so well understood. 

      Trying to bring it to the essence also when it comes to referal links… 

      Thank you for your time and valuable remarks. Much appreciated.

      Em Hetep


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