When above…

When above…

An old sumerian epos
Known by Babylonians
And Assyrians

Enuma Elish

The theogonic
And cosmogonic views
Of the Mesopotamians

The fundamental texts
For comparative study
Of the Near Eastern Faith

The seven tablets of creation

The seven clay tablets
Cover a 1000 lines!
The first discovered in 1845

The great libraries of Nineveh
Kish and Erek aka Uruk
The epos of Enuma Elish

The ressemblance
With biblical Genesis

Our blue water planet

The sweet water Apsu
The salt water Ti’Amat
And the cloud Mummu

Lahmu and Lahamu
Anshar and Kishar
Anu, the sky-God

Aka Enki or Ea
God of wisdom and strenght

The One of supreme understanding
The skillful and Wise

Ea and Damkina
Parents to Marduk
Babylonian God

For the first time the tribe of gods
Is described as anunnaki

A story of rage and plotting also
Were Marduk comes to terms
With Ti’Amat and becomes…

The supreme leader

He was invested
With royal insigna
Scepter, throne and royal dress

The fallen Anunnaki were restored in power
And  the city of Baylon
and the temple Esagila were build

The 300 gods of beneath
The 300 gods of above

Menkind created
And the fifty names of Marduk
Recited … one of them being

Creator of the Universe

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Anunnaki = kin of Anu, the sky God . The God of/in the sky

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The lost book of Enki

When above
Lamassu or Shedu in Mesopotamia mythology, old relief

In humble hommage of Zecharia Sitchin

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