Putting bits to steer a horse

Putting bits in the horses mouths,
they obey us;
and we turn about their whole body.

What does this mean?

It means putting bits is an art, just like riding. Every horse is different and a good bit is like a wheel. It steers your horse in the right direction.

I have seen many bad riders, without any subtility, abusing the reins and damaging the horses mouth.

So, next time… whatch the reins. They are not made for pulling but for steering.

Never ride a horse in fear.

Watch this video: how to steer a horse while riding

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The magic of riding

Putting bits to steer a horse
rider and horse are one
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14 Replies to “Putting bits to steer a horse”

  1. Thanks for writing this short article on Putting bits to steer a horse, I find this article informative and educative on how to control a house with the right bit. And for you to write this article shows that you have many experiences in horse riding for many years. I will follow some of your other link in the article 

    1. Welcome Ajibola

      Animals are wonderful friends. If we dare to respect them. It takes time, patience and effort to understand a horse. It is not just a machine that you steer in one direction. It needs care in the first place and love. Like all living beings.

  2. Bits in the mouth of a horse, is like the wheels of a ship. A ship as big as a city can be steered any way the captain deems fit, so is it for horses. 

    A horse listens to the language of the bit. Just like human beings are directed by words, so is it with horses.

    The bits are like words to them, they follow the direction the bit turns to, just as if they were spoken to with words if they were human. 

    1. So well said peace…

      And also.. a gentle hand. It is a real torture to see how some riders abuse their horses…

      Thank you for your allegory.  And as you said, a horse is a living being, not a machine.

      Take care


  3. Putting bits in is definiely an art. I think it’s so important for your horse that it’s done correctly. When behavioral problems arise with horses, we owners undoubtedly search for the  solutions. However, a lot of horse owners don’t think to look in the horse’s mouth for the answer. Suprisingly, the bit could be the cause of more behavioral issues than many horse owners recognize.

    I think it is all of our responsibilities to learn not only how to ride properly, but to put in bits correctly as well. Thanks for the great post as it brings attention to an issue that is often overlooked. I look forward to reading more quality content from you in the future! Thanks 


    1. Hi Koda,

      Well said! Thnk you!

      Yes some put in the bits hurting the tongue and teeth of the horse, or using a bit too small or too large or badly set, annoying the poor horse… it is an art and demands great attention. It is like finding the right shoes for your feet… 

      Have great day

  4. That was a good and great video to see, teaching on how to control  and steer a horse in the right direction and to control when it’s too fast and to make it slow down. I have never been on a horse back before. But this lecture actually is interesting. And seriously I have been wanting to ride a horse., with this information I think I will do great.

    1. Hi Barry

      Riding is an art too and needs a lot of learning. You just do not climb the back of a horse like you step on a bike indeed. Glad you enjoyed the video. It is well said indead. And basics. Kudos to the makers

      Thank you


  5. HI,

    There is a saying about horses. There is so much information about putting bits to steer a horse. Truly it’s very informative for people . Anyone can get much help from here . It’s very helpful for people . I really loved it. Thank you for sharing the information. Thank you very much.

  6. Great tribute to one of the most loyal friends of mankind – the horse! It is actually sad to know that so many horses had been killed by humans just for warfare, as an animal lover this is deep. Love the layout of your website it is really clean and everything matches well together!

    1. Yes Simon, very sad. There was a time horses were all over the place. Grazing in the fields… 

      The most loyal friend of mankind indeed. 

      Thank you for passing by


  7. Fantastic article. A heading also with a metaphoric meaning. Putting bits to steer a horse could translate to doing the right thing, using the right method in any art of endeavor.

    However, as you rightly said, to ride a horse in the right direction you must use the bits correctly.  Thank you for this life teaching words.  I hope to apply this, as well as learn how to put the bits on the horse.

    1. Thank you.

      Yes, the right method and bite, is the spirit indeed! 

      As for the learning it needs reality. The feeling touch of your hand and the mouth of a horse… hard to translate indeed.

      Have a great day


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