Hathor a feminine archetype

The place of the initiate
The womb of the feminine

A beautiful temple

A place where we find a nether
An aspect of our being

The soft feminine

The temple was served by priestesses
The feminine touch of divine

“Dig inside your being
And find your soft feminine aspect”

Is the main message
of the temple of Hathor
In Denderah

A jewel on the river Nile
In Kermit

Hathor a feminine archetype. The feminine touch of divine.
Hathor a feminine archetype. The feminine touch of divine.
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12 Replies to “Hathor a feminine archetype”

  1. Very interesting little blog on ancient Egyptian mythology. I really like the pictures containe on the website. I also really liked the text and size the for letters used on the post. I found the layout of the site to be also really nice, and the site was fairly easy to navigate as well which is always a plus in my book.

  2. Hello. Although I am male, I like to think that I am something of a feminist, if that is right and I identify with most of their agitations. This is a beautiful poem,showing the feminine perspective it is a good though somehow unusual rendition of Hathor. I feel the poet has done a good job. Thanks. 

  3. This is one of the most amazing architecture that I have ever seen, but I am not very sure what exactly it is about and who is the temple used to worship. It looks like a piece of gorgeous jewel on the river Nile as you said. It would be great if you could give me some information about the temple and books you posted.

    Thank you for sharing these to make me curious about.

    1. Yes Mary, 

      Hathor was the mother deity of ancient Egypt… the life giver. Often represented as a cow with the sun between her horns.  And her temple was Denderah, were she is represented as the goddess of the skies. And the sun, Ra, was the upper deity of ancient Egypt.

      For us, it is hard to understand the worship of ancient Egypt, since it is a culture long gone. It survived however for several millennia … giving peace, order and happiness to its people. Which can not be said of many cultures. 

      As such Hathor is also a great feminine archetype that can inspire us women as spouse, mother and child. And the fact that Egyptian culture honored so many women is just awesome.

      The deities or Neter were in fact the representations of the divine in all its aspects, making it easier for people to understand. As such God represented in all Potencies. And I found great peace and awe visiting those old Temples along the Nile. Beautiful jewels indeed of both architecture and sculpture according to the sacred science.

      I hope this helps a little in your own quest

      Stay in peace. Em Hetep

  4. Hi there. I love ancient stuffs and history, well I haven’t heard about Hathor before but this post just made love Hathor and I’m definitely going for the book. I can’t wait to get the book and read. 

    I checked out other posts. They are very good and  the posts made me love Egypt more. Thank you very much for this great article and kindly recommend more books. 

    1. Hi Alex!

      Glad you liked my poems and recommendations. Thank you. Your quest just started! 

      Yes Egypt is a magnificent country, and we need to dig deeper in the roots of our common history.

      Me Hetep


      Know that many ancient books can be found for free on the internet. And know also there is crap too.

  5. This is a nice poem, thanks for sharing. I’m. It really sure what it is about though lol.

    Could you help me understand the meanjnf behind the poem?

    Also would you consider this to be one of your favorite poems or no? I’d also like to know who wrote it.

    Thank you.

    Also when did this poem get created?

    1. Hi Michael,

      An archetype is like a miror… telling something about you. 

      Hathor was a great deity of ancient Egypt. The mother goddess of the pharaos. Life giving. 

      Ancient Egyptian cultures is indeed hard to grasp for most of us. And my poem tries to highlight the essence, of something that can not be explained but by allegory. 

      I wrote this poem long ago, after my visit to Egypt and seeing the beauty of the temple of Denderah. And it supposes indeed some knowledge of Egyptian culture.

      Thank you for asking

      Em Hetep

  6. This poem about Egypt was pretty interesting and it gives me an oversight of what the Egyptian culture was about. I do however wish there was more content for me to view. What is your favorite egyptian poem and why do you think that this poem you picked right here is a good poem to get people acquainted to egyptian culture?

    1. Dear Jon

      Ancient scriptures are criptic. No explanation… it grows on you, as I hope this poem will grow on you too. 

      The Neter or archetypes of ancient and old Egypt are very powerful ones. And Hathor, is one of them. I hope this poem invites you to dig in the treasures of this great ancient culture. The essence of this poem is: a women as life giver. A mother, a spouse, a child

      Em Hetep, Stay in peace

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