The story of a soul

The story of a soul

A book laying on a layer
Waiting to be read

An autobiography
by Therese of Lisieux

One of the greatest saints
Of the 20th century

A life dedicated to love
For God and mankind

A simple way
Easy to follow

Nothing extravagant
Nor extraordinary

Just love

A shower of roses
A shower of roses

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The story of a soul


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4 Replies to “The story of a soul”

  1. Hello fleeky, great stuff you are doing I really appreciate it and that piece of poetry I couldn’t be more excited. Short , well describing and totally charming. Makes me feel I need to read that book. The title of the book is pretty too, ” the story of a soul.” I’m sure your having it here shows you recommend it and I know what tastes good for a fellow poetry lover like you certainly will taste better for an even more poetry charmed person like me.

    1. Yes Donny, a great book we should all read… it helps to keep perspective .  Life is short and ends before we know… Glad you liked it. Have a blessed time.

  2. “The Story of a Soul” is a most intriguing title. It brings about many pleasant thoughts and memories. Your poem describes the essence of it. The book itself looks like a great read. 

    This is a book well worth reading. Thanks for sharing.

    Anything which helps keeps things in perspective and allows us to dig deeper within is vital to our spiritual growth. I appreciate you sharing your gift of poetry.  All the very Best.

    1. Yes Joseph,  a must read. Especially for youngsters. I hope you enjoyed the free pdf version… 
      Thank you for your kind comment!

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