Horse language

Since antiquity
horses are our closest friends 

Inseparable on fields, roads, battlefields

Those who have been riding horses
Know each horse has its own character

Symbol of status, power and labor

The tame and calm horses
The tempered and passionate ones
And the rebels

The last ones are hardest to ride

Horses are used for different purposes too
For breading, for races, for field labour
Or just for riding

Horse whisperers
know the language of horses

They have captured
The color and sound
Of their souls

Searching horses in search engines
A list of cars and automobiles shows up
The mechanic horses have chased our friends

Now, they are eaten…

Horse language
Our oldest friend


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22 Replies to “Horse language”

  1. If animals could talk, there are two animals I would love to listen to and they are horse and dog. I read your article and you made me feel like animals could talk, you made me feel like a horse was really talking to you. Your article can help a wounded soul recover and rise up again and be strong. I am so happy I read this.

    1. Animals are very sensitive. Just like plants. They show us friendship and affection in many ways… Indeed. And very good to help heal a wounded soul. 

      Glad you liked it

  2. Thanks for writing this review on horse translation,the body language of horse. I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this short and meaningful review on how horse communicate with human. I will really like to go through this product and also recommend it to my friend that take care of house in polo club.i know he his going to appreciate it big time

    1. Yes, body language of plants and animals is often ignored by the mainstream. And there is more to it…

      The silent decline of species on our planet is deadly alarming and a cry out too. Due to pesticides and fertilizers. Poisoning us all on the short run. Refuse to buy those products and reward the honest producer is my motto. We make a difference at our level, no matter what we do.

      Thank you for sharing


  3. Hello. Horses are my favorite animal due to their elegance and strength. I especially love the white colored ones. They have remained relevant this long due to their uniqueness and beauty. I appreciate this poem and even though I am not a poet I can recognise a decent poem when I see one. This has made me feel like buying a horse lol. Good job to the poet.

  4. I have read books where the characters speak to their horses. But, I thought it’s only done in books. 

    Your article has introduced me to the idea that horses have languages and can be spoken to. 

    And there are people that can communicate with horses, called horse whisperers. That’s some real interesting information.

    1. Yea peace,

      Horse whispers, bird whistlers, dog barkers, … So many humans indeed talking to plants and animals… And animals talking to them… Dare to listen and understand…. It is always a language of life…

      Take care


  5. Wow….. What a good article about horse. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information about horse.  This is fascinating and interesting to me. I love riding on horse for it’s  attitudes towards human being .you have really done a good job about this article. Thanks, regards 

  6. Hi there 

    This is pretty much amazing post. I have never heard of such a product like this before. In as much I love watching the horse race and see much of my friends ride on horses, I have never seen a product like Horse translation before. This will really be helpful in learning how to ride on horse

    1. Yes, every horse has its way of communicating with us. Like joy, fear, agree, disagree, happy, annoyed, angry, sad, sleepy, hungry… They look at us like family members, expecting care and attention. 

      Now that you know, observe… And learn.

  7. This is an amazing book, Learning a new language is a challenge, especially at the “ripe old” age of your late twenties, and while there are still concepts of Horse Speak that make me totally confused to wrap my mind around as if I were trying to relearn Japanese.

    But the book’s second part is illustrative, narrative, real stories — and Wilsie is a talented storyteller. Initially, the parts that had me blinking and shaking my head in confusion were better illustrated by the real stories she told, the way she began to observe Horse Speak between horses and her first “words” to troubled horses began to “speak.” Thumbs up, very educative and entertaining. 

    1. Hahaha Fasuan, so well said indeed. Learning horse language is all but easy… It start by understanding their emotions

      Thank you for reading 


  8. Hi there 

    This is pretty much amazing post. I have never heard of such a product like this before. In as much I love watching the horse race and see much of my friends ride on horses, I have never seen a product like Horse translation before. This will really be helpful in learning how to ride on a horse.  This will be a good way to learn how to breed a horse. Thank you for this info. 

  9. Just like dogs, horses can be our loyal companion when we give them the proper care and training. I used to be afraid of horses due to their size, but surprisingly, I found them to be very friendly and gentle creatures when well-breed.

    Like humans, horses have their own temperaments, and like you pointed out, some horses can be calm while others can be kind-of hard to tame.

    All the same, it will make a great deal of sense for horse owners and handlers to train them with the right language that fits their purpose. Thanks for this poetically written piece about horses.

    1. This is a beautiful illustration of how to communicate with horses. Yea, our fear is paralyzing us… Until we dare…To find out it was for nothing. So true!

      Thank you for sharing insights


  10. Nice and inspiring post on the oldest friend of man! This poat sounds like poem that relay inspiration to the heart of man. Although I had the very mind of having an horse, but never have one. But I only ride on those in recreational center. Horses are use for many purposes is the most most reliable automobile of age, so we tends to understand their language as they whispers. I do like to get know to their language. How do a beginner like me start?

    1. Observe and listen… And soon you will understand

      For they have joy and sorrow and pain like us..

      Thank you for your kind observations


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