Reviews and online shopping

There are many types of reviews.
Reviews of products and services in the first place.
My reviews site is different.

It gives you some background about a specific problem
and proposes services and products at your choice.
Give and take, right?

Most of us seek specific reviews of products and services before they shop online.
This research is very useful, gives different appreciations, comparisons …
but, admit, most of the time biased by the affiliate marketing behind.

The blogs on reviews offer you insights in different subjects and problems
and propose some related products and services as well.
Kind of eye-opener, like a discovery channel. Right?

Reviews and online shopping
Reviews and online shopping

What kind of reviews are out there?

Reviews by retailers or production teams
Reviews by users or experts
Reviews by affiliate marketeers

But… only a few talk about specific problems
and how to solve them
before proposing solutions, products or services

My website reviews wants to close that gap.
I hope you will enjoy this unusual approach…

Be surprised!

Shop with a wow


Reviews on chopwa

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11 Replies to “Reviews and online shopping”

  1. That’s awesome Ref. I’m very much looking forward to seeing your unusual approach. BTW, what niche are you considering for most of your reviews? 

    I believe now people are overwhelmed by reading the reviews speaking in the same pattern. Hopefully, you will be able to fill this gap very successfully.

    All the very best to you. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

  2. hi

    interesting topic here…didnt know there were different types of reviews possible. how can you tell which review is by who? for example a review on amazon could have been written by affiliate marketers or a user.

    also who should be trust more – users or affiliate marketers? you can never trust the retailer unless its done by an independent reviewer

    1. The result is in the cake, not the recepy…
      Good wine needs no advertising


      Amazon has a broad experience and reviews of the products they sell by byers. This makes it more rel. One of the reasons why I like advertising amazon products. The reader has a choice and is guided by the appraisal of all the byers

      Good reading, and good buys!

  3. I love using review sites and my favorite ones tell a story of why the affiliate or blogger uses the product and the needs they faced that sent them on the search in the first place. I like to match my situation to the one they were in as one product may be right for one person and not work well for another. This can be costly with more expensive products. Great to see that you will share an approach that is in keeping with my needs as a consumer.

  4. You are right, there are so many reviews out there it is mind boggling. When I look for a review on a product that I am interested in buying, I like to find reviews that tell you honestly what the product is like and also if it is worth buying or not. It’s also great to see the negative side of the products because as you know, most products are not 100 percent perfect.

    1. Yes… One gets lost in the abundance of information. Just creating a pleasant place to dwell and discover old and new things is a distraction we all like

      Thank you for your insights


  5. Thanks for writing about review and online shopping. I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to create this blog that will deal with  specific problems and how to solve thembefore proposing solutions, products or services.i know many are going to find this blog useful including me

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