Egyptian culture and Atlantis

Confronted with Egyptian culture
One is only back smashed.

As you know, Alexander the Great
(who is also called the Evil)
Punched out the old culture

A few initiated Greek philosophers
inherited the Old Wisdom and Science
But only parcels of it.

The tale of Atlantis
By the Greek philosopher Plato
Written 300 BC

In his works Timaeus and Critias
The Athenian lawgiver Solon
Tells the story of Atlantis heard in Egypt

Atlantis was a great island
In the Atlantic Ocean
Large as North Africa and Near East combined

Ruled by Poseidon (Neptune), the water god
Married to Cleito , their palace was built
On the mountain in the center of his city

They had ten children
and each inherited
a section to rule

Atlantis was a paradise
no one had to work
food and animals were plenty

A stream of hot water
and a stream of cold water
Irrigated the island

Its Culture Glorious
Its Palaces and Temples wonderful
Its Kings rich in gold, silver and precious metals.

It was a golden age
An age of harmony and abundance
For the people of Atlantis

When the gods intermarried with humans
The Atlanteans became greedy
Conquering the lands around the Mediterranean

Angered by their attitude
Zeus, the god of heaven
Destroyed their island with earthquakes

Atlantis sank into the sea
in one day and one night
End of a great civilisation too

Of which it is said Egypt inherited…

Some archaeologists claim
it was the island of Creta
partly destroyed by an earthquake.

Nothing matches the description

When one sees the grandeur of Egypt
and the poverty of the Minoan civilisation,
it is hard to believe this was Atlantis…

Can linguistic approach give a clue ?
Alta Landis means Old Land
And could very well be Atlantis…

The land as it was before…

The story sounds familiar to me
Narrated in the Bhaghavad Ghita
And all the ancient scriptures

Could it be the Nether
The place where the gods lived
Or the earth before the continental drifting…

Quite stomaching…

Poseidon's trident
Poseidon’s trident emerging from the sea, Photo composite

Some books

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age

Timaeus and Critias (Penguin Classics)

A Complete Zecharia Sitchin Earth Chronicles Nine-Book Series Set, Includes: Twelfth Planet, Stairway to Heaven, War of Gods and Men, Lost Realms, When Time Began, Cosmic Code, End of Days, Genesis Revisited, and Divine Encounters

Atlantis: The Antediluvian World: Fully Illustrated

The Ancient Egyptian Culture Revealed

Poseidon: The Origins and History of the Greek God of the Sea


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