Brain waves

Let’s study Our own…  

brain waves!


GREAT sound waves and frequencies FOR EVERYONE


I love to help people about how they feel when listening to sounds


Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
Undulating blue ocean an sea wave


Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
speakerphones and sound

Find your perfect pitch. A gift for every occasion and season!


Brain Styling

Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
Geometry of Sound and brain waveq

Yes, you heard that right.

Your brain can be shaped and styled too! 


Brain Cleanse

Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
Sea and clou

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Mi BEEB - Sound and waves
Transition of the sound barrier by a plane.

Let us seek some great apps and websites, that teach you how to improve your sound experience. And how to feel better with the right use of sound and music!

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A great example of what brainwaves  can do for you is provided by Kelly Howell

She is the world’s leading innovator in the practical application of brain wave research.

Some books about Brain waves

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6 Replies to “Brain waves”

  1. Awesome information. I’ve never heard of Brain Styling before. Could you please let me know what it is all about and how is it done? And, I do believe that brain cleansing is very essential but in a busy life, there is no time and place to declutter our mind. How do you do that? 

    I’m looking forward to learn all about brain waves in your upcoming posts on your website. Thanks a lot for sharing this short and sweet information.

    1. Morning Akshay

      Brain styling helps for people with anxiety or concentration problems.

      The most famous brain wave is the alfa wave, the sound of gentle rain.
      It calms the brain and restores peace and harmony. 

      A great example is Kelly Howell

      She made different sound creations for relaxation, success, focus…
      And to my humble knowledge, far the best.

      Always use headphones when listening to the music. 
      It is a brain massage than enhances your understanding and knowledge beyond expectation.

      Its secret?
      The harmonization of your brain waves, disturbed by noice and stress

      Thank you for asking.
      Have a great day

  2. Hey thanks for the awesome post!  I love this because it deals with the brain, and anything to do with psychology and neuroscience, I’m all game!  In college I learned a lot about the brain, and one of the things that always struck me as pretty cool is that the brain reacts to different sound waves, differently!  That is why you can meditate and listen to certain music or sounds, as well as read, and sleep!  I am excited to see what else your site has to offer now!

    1. Hi Jessie

      Yes the brain is revealing its secrets…
      the ancients knew it and the om sound is the sound of our planet in the galaxy.

      Thank you! 
      Yes, just starting and adding new features

  3. I’m sorry I can’t provide a comment, your website shows 404 error / not found. There are only blue waves on the screen and the widget on the right with recent blog posts. I would send a personal message but can’t find any information who to send it to. 
    When you correct the error, write me a message at lenkasophie with the link and I will gladly write a comment there!

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