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Blog in peace

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World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
Animals are victims too

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims – 17 November

Cars, roads and people
Provoke a huge yearly amount
Of innocent victims

The main cause of accidents?

Addiction, bad roads
High speed
And unexperienced drivers

Every 24 seconds
A person dies
In traffic

With increasing victims every year
Those numbers are frightening
And ask for solutions

Safer roads
Safer vehicles
And drivers aware of safety

A story

Drunken drivers bumped three times in me
Scattering my life into pieces
Insurance did not pay
And the drivers were never punished
” ~ mlaure

Read more

Road traffic victims day by the United Nations. The official website!

Safety first.
Fasten your seat belts!

International Day for Tolerance

International day for tolerance
International day for tolerance
Let us bake our bread together

International Day for Tolerance
16 November

Is acceptance of the other
In his or her difference

It is not indulgence
Nor indifference
It is recognition

Recognition of the universal human rights
Recognition of the fundamental freedom of others

By Law
And information

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day
World Diabetes Day
A diet with fruits and vegetables

World Diabetes Day
14 November

Diabetes is a serious disease
A chronic illness
That affects millions of people
With growing risks

Kidney disease
Heart attacks

The list is long

Diagnosed early
It can be treated
With the right medication
Diet and exercises

Let us create awareness
Around us
And protect our loved ones

Read more

10 facts on diabetes by the World Health Organization

Color the world

Color the world

Our world
Seems to run out
Of colors

Declining environment
Dying species
Drying up of ressources

We need to get back
To the essence
Of our soul

color of my soul

Color the world
colors for make up of sadguru 

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For the love of horses

For the love of horses

Horses make us dream .

A projection
Of another world
Where men and animals
Were one

Many of us share that dream

A vision
Of a better world
Where men take care of nature

Chwals is another word for horses.


For the love of horses
For the love of horses

A good saddle to begin with

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Chop the wah?

Chop the wah

Internet Shopping
Can be
A burden

Endless products
No review
No description
Just a price

Chopwa offers

A new way
Of shopping
Check it out

And be surprised!

Chop the wah
Woman holding shopping bags

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Beauty is universal

Blog in peace

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever – John Keats

Beauty is universal
Whether it be form or speech


All that meets the eye and ear
Is enchanting

And eyebrowsfleek
Is one of them

Our senses
Gates to our world

Blog in Peace

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Child of Sun

Child of sun

I am On
A child of Sun

Our planet earth
On orbit
For million years


So many traces left
All around our globe

Decipher them with me

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Em Hetep!

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Travels to the Holy Land

Discover the Holy Land with Bein Harim

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The Nubian culture

Panorama of Meroe pyramids in the desert at sunset, Sudan,

The Nubian culture

Situated between Sudan and South Egypt
Far more advanced than thought
And the seat of Egyptian culture

Meroe being the capital of the Old Kingdom of Kush.
The Meroe pyramids along the Nile in Sudan are World Heritage
Far more important and numerous than the Egyptian ones

Amenothep IV Known as Akhenaton
Kin of Egypt

Amenotheph = Amenophis in Greek
Amenothep IV was a great pharaoh of the 18th dynasty

Of Nubian origin
Had many diplomatic relations with his neighbours

And many of his written clay tablets
Have been found in Amarna
The capital of his reign

He brought spiritual and political change
And very soon he was in open opposition
with priest and casts of Old Egypt…

He was the first
to introduce monotheïsm
the faith in one God

Amarna, the city build by him
was completly destroyed after his deadth.

The ancients knew why the river Nile was sacred
Perhaps we need to rediscover the meaning of “sacred”


Ethiopia, source of the blue Nile

The Nubian culture 

5 forgotten facts about Nubia 


Panorama of Meroe pyramids in the desert at sunset, Sudan,
The Meroe pyramids in the desert at sunset, Sudan