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Child of Sun

  Child of Sun I am On A child of Sun Our planet earth On orbit For million years History Culture Genealogy Antrophology Linguistics Tradition Scriptures Geobiology So many traces left All around our globe […]

The fragrance of Lavender

The Fragrance of lavender We all know the plant And many have them A plant known since Antiquity For its healing and relaxing powers An oil so powerful Used to sooth the wounds of gladiators […]

A mother for all

  A mother for all Sacred places Pilgrimages A step up For heaven Walking my path Amongst others Knowing we are all seekers To be found One staff One shepherd Pleace join me In my […]

Color the world

  Color the World Our world Seems to run out Of colors Declining environment Dying species Drying up of ressources We need to get back To the essence Of our soul Follow: color of my […]

Beauty is universal

  Beauty is universal A thing of beauty is a joy for ever – John Keats Beauty is universal Whether it be form or speech Architecture Landscaping Design Manicure Beauticians Pedicure All that meets the […]

HELP trees

  Help trees Trees are our best friends Silent witnesses Create awareness Help for trees Plant and care for them Protect them Everywhere They provide us with shade Humus and fresh air Helping the trees […]

Chop the wah?

  Chop the wah! Internet Shopping Can be A burden Endless products No review No description Just a price Chopwa offers A new way Of shopping Check it out And be surprised! Shop Corner Your […]

Reviews and online shopping

What kind of reviews? There are many types of reviews. Reviews of products and services in the first place. My reviews site is different. It gives you some background about a specific problem and proposes […]

New year celebrations

  New year celebrations A year is coming to an end A new one is waiting behind the corner What will it bring? Material things come to pass And so do we Wishing you happiness! […]

My learning place

My learning place For the past two years I have been learning affiliate marketing and webbuilding with the wealthy affiliate community. An experience that I am glad to share with you. For those who never […]