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Affiliate Disclaimer

This affiliate disclaimer details the affiliate relationships of with other companies and their products or services contains information for general purpose only and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents of their service or products. can not be held liable for direct or indirect damages, accidents or damages whatsoever; for negligence, or actions or contracts in connection with the affiliate services, products or the contents of their websites. can make changes or delete the contents of the affiliate Service without reserve, any time and without notice. can not warrant that the affiliate Service is free of malware of all kind. has taken great care in the choice of affiliate services, but can not be held responsible for them.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a link with a special code that allows tracking.
It means that we earn an affiliate commission when you click on one of our links and purchase a product or service. This does not alter the price.

As such we are very cautious in products or services that we recommend. And only if we expect an added value for our readers and buyers. offer an unusual kind of shopping. More like a wandering in a gallery with products and services of all kind. Like an entertainment. We hope you will appreciate that. And we thank you for buying through our links. As an affiliate associate, I earn from qualified buys.

What affiliate services are we using?

. Shareasale
As an associate, I have taken great care in the choice of their products and services. They are manifold and can not be pinned down to a specific niche. However, when shareasale appears, know it is an affiliate link.

. Amazon Services LLC Associates Program
It is designed to provide advertising fees through advertising and linking to and all their related websites. As a participant to the well known Associates Program, uses their advertising program and makes a referral commission in case of sales.

. Wealthy affiliate
It is designed for learning affiliate marketing and building

. External links disclaimer in general
Some of the external links are informative, others again, make use of affiliate codes. They can not be associated with and is not responsable for their errors. Although chosen with great care for integrity.

Thank you again for buying through our affiliate links. Enjoy the shopping!


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